Health Insurance

Besides employee wages, health insurance is the highest line item expense faced by employers today. UIS Insurance & Investments understands this problem and employs many specific tactics to help employers keep expenses in line while still being able to provide a high level benefit to the workforce. We understand that a “quality” benefits program is an important element for securing and retaining the best employees.

In our initial “Benefits Audit Meeting”, we analyze your current situation, establish goals, and then approach the insurance marketplace in an aggressive manner in order to provide you the greatest Cost-to-benefit ratio available. Once the insurance program is in place we monitor its performance and assist with “Employee Claims Resolution” and “Employee Education”. Our goal is to be an extension of your Human Resource Department so you can get back to making more important business decisions. In fact, most of our clients choose to use our internet based HR Assist program along with specific Wellness Programs to help manage the health and administration of their workforce.

We align ourselves with quality carriers and leverage our long-term preferred partnership status to get our clients the most cost effective plan.